Our Recommended Best Battery Chargers and Tenders of 2017!

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What goes into rating a great battery charger?

#1. Value (Bang for the Buck)

It’s not always the right choice to get the most expensive or fully featured battery charger in every situation..  It’s important to consider what your individual needs will be and purchase based on those. Buying a charger with a bunch of extra features that you will likely never use is not the best decision, especially from a value perspective. Also be aware that it is a very competitive market with many different brands with plenty of great values to be had. With that said, make sure to do a little research and read reviews from others that have purchased the same. Our recommendations always take into account other user reviews as well!

#2. Features

It’s important to ask yourself does this battery charger have all the features but not a lot that I don’t need? Some options have LED displays, or can charge more batteries at once then you’ll ever need to in your situation. Others that may seem simplistic at first could actually turn out to be your best choice and serve your needs just fine.Taking this into consideration can usually save you some money and still get you a very high quality device with only the features you need.

#3. Reliability

When it comes to any electronic device, reliability is an extremely important factor. This is also true with battery chargers. You need them to be a workhorse for countless hours and potentially years and years of charging. If something does go wrong with a charger or it stops working for any reason it’s also important that it be backed up by a solid warranty for a reasonable period of time.

#4. Overall Quality

Quality, much like reliability, is high on our list of purchase factors. You usually don’t have one without the other and they are closely tied together. Getting a quality brand product by a trusted company with a trusted warranty is always the best choice and our recommendation. We recommend reading other customer reviews online, such as those on Amazon, and quickly learn about the overall quality of a given battery charger and if it has any nagging issues, quirks, or other quality issues..

Our Top 3 Vehicle Battery Chargers/Tenders for 12V Batteries Used in Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, ATV’s, etc.

Brand and Model Power Rating Quick Summary Best Jump Starters Quality Rating Current Best Price Online
Deltran Battery Tender (022-0186G-DL-WH)

12V – 5 Amps Higher output for quicker charging. Has a 4 stage charging system (Qualification, bulk, absorption and float). Water and dust resistant.

Works with AGM (Absorbant Glass Mat) Batteries as well as all common lead acid batteries used in cars, trucks, boats, atv’s, etc.

5 Stars
Amazon Price
CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300

12V – 5 Amps 4 step charging system using patented program that tests battery condition. Water and dust resistant. Charges all types of lead acid batteries. 4 1/2 Stars
Amazon Price
NOCO Genius G3500

12V/6V 3.5 Amps Works with all types of lead acid batteries as well as Lithium-Ion batteries up to 120ah. Has neat LED indicators that show state-of-charge feedback and diagnostic information. Manufacturer says it can repair damaged batteries.
4 1/2 Stars
Amazon Price

Our Special Recommendation for Most “Tried and Tested” 12V Battery Tender for Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, ATV’s, etc.

Brand and Model Brief Summary Current Best Price Online
Deltran Battery Tender 021-0123

This battery tender costs under $30 most anywhere you will find it and has more positive online reviews than any other tender by far. I personally own 4 of these and not one has given me any problems. The first one I bought 3 years ago. My only knock (if you can even call it a knock) is that the charging speed is a bit slow (like most 0.75 Amp tenders) if you actually need to charge a 12V battery quickly.

But for most people this won’t be an issue as it is most commonly used like an older style “trickle charger” to just keep your battery topped off at 100% charge.  Either way we highly recommend this product!

Amazon Price

Our Top 3 NiMH/NiCd Battery Chargers For Other Electronics Batteries (AAA, AA, C, D, 9-Volt, etc.).